Career Peer Advisors are the newest entity of Bellarmine University’s Career Development program. CPA’s are students helping their peers with career development techniques. We are available to jumpstart processes which will ultimately make a student’s career choice in closer reach.

Whether it is getting your resume started, finding out what you can do with your major, practicing for an interview, or learning the different online resources Bellarmine’s students have access to, CPA’s are available to help you out! By creating Career Peer Advisors, our goal is to make career development more accessible and convenient for all students. As students ourselves, we have been there, and still are doing what we can to make our career choices possible.

It is never too early to start thinking about what you will need to do in order to gain a position after graduation. Internships, workshops, and practice can offer you an advantage above others. Just putting in that effort early will put you a leg above the competition. We have experience and have been trained in career development techniques, and hope to hear from you soon with what we can do for you!

-Sarah Perry