Have you ever wondered how Career Services can help you?  I know many students may walk away from the Career Center with more questions than answers.  This does not mean that their visit was for naught, but quite the contrary.  If the Career Center simply found the internship and did all the work for the students that visit, these students would not learn any valuable skills.  Todd and Ann both have a vast wealth of knowledge regarding local, state, and national internships and career opportunities, but they don’t know everything. 

The best way to utilize Career Services is to know a little about you.  What are you looking for?  Do you want a paid internship (don’t we all)?  Are you willing to shell-out quite a bit for travel to and from, or does it have to be a local organization?  Can you work for free or is a stipend necessary for you to hold the position?  Do you want to just sample a new field or is this the career path you want to try and pursue?  Have you ever interned before?

All of these questions are very important, but not all of them have to have answers.  When you walk down the hall to visit with Ann or Todd, you don’t have to know you want to travel to Montana to intern with the National Park Service, but you may need to know that you would much rather be outside than at a desk doing research.  Another important tip is to have your resume ready.  It doesn’t have to be perfect—after all, that’s why we have a Career Center!  Ann or Todd (or any of the Career Peer Advisors) can look over your resume and give you pointers on ways to look the best on paper!  This also shows your strengths and weaknesses.  Ann or Todd can quickly pick up on the skills you already have and help you focus on the skills you need to develop to secure that job or internship!

While these services are great (just like the CPAs), they are not the end.  The Career Center offers wide variety of “courses” to help increase your marketability in this crowded job market.  Resumania and similar programs bring in actual organizations and their Human Resources departments and put you through a mock application process.  The only way to improve in these situations is through practice—and it’s much better to practice when there isn’t a job on the line!

By utilizing the wide range of activities the Career Center offers, as a student, you can truly improve your marketability, resulting in improved chances of future internships and job positions!  However, the Career Center can’t do this alone!  It requires that students look inward and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, take some time to put together a resume, and really be willing to put their neck on the line and be prepared to be rejected by businesses, internships, and other positions:  all in the pursuit of finding that “perfect” (3-5 year) fit! 

So, what are you waiting for?  Clean up that resume, think about what interests you as a career field, and shoot Todd, Ann, or anyone of the CPAs an email to set up an appointment now!

-Wes Scott