• To help students and alumni with lifelong career development.
  • To enable achievement of individual career and educational goals.
  • To develop outstanding talent that enhances regional economic development.
  • To educate stakeholders about changing trends, conditions and needs.




Throughout their undergraduate and graduate degree programs, students are encouraged to use Career Development services, programs and resources to help them plan for a successful transition to the workforce. Bellarmine alumni are invited to return at any time for ongoing career counseling, information and advice. Career Development professionals guide students and alumni through any or all of the following Seven Steps to College and Career Success.

  • Personal Assessment
  • Career Exploration
  • Educational Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Experiential Learning
  • Professional Employment
  • Career Advancement & Transition




Career Planning
Understanding your talents, traits, interests, values and skills can help you make better decisions about college and career.

Career Information
Explore potential career and educational options through research, experiential learning, mentoring and networking.

Improve your resume writing and interviewing skills. Learn to conduct a more effective and efficient search for jobs, internships and volunteer work.

Pursue resume-building internship and experiential learning opportunities that will help you achieve your career goals.

Graduate School
Consider the importance of graduate or professional school programs to prepare for success in your chosen career.




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CareerPortal: www.bellarmine.edu/careerdev
Your launching point for 24/7 access to online resources for career planning, career information, employment, internships, graduate school and more.

CollegeCentral: www.collegecentral.com/bellarmine
Career services system for students, alumni and employers. Includes job, internship and volunteer opportunity listings, online applications, on-campus interview schedules, upcoming events, mentoring contacts and more.