Welcome back readers! We hope you enjoyed our last blog about Bellarmine University Career Development! We are looking forward to keeping in touch with you about upcoming events going on around campus. Hopefully you took the time to go “Like” our page on Facebook, but if not… Go do that right now! (Cough, cough… www.facebook.com/careerdev) This past week we had a drawing on Valentine’s Day for a gift card to BoomBozz’s, Sweet CeCe’s, and two movie tickets to Baxter Theatre. The lucky winner of the giveaway was Tyler Wobbrock, a Sophomore Communication and FLIS double major. If you think that was good, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming giveaway next month on St. Patty’s Day!

Are you graduating in May? Have you recently applied to an internship or summer job? In this week’s blog, we are going to be giving you some helpful tips on how to clean up your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites for potential employers. This is something that is very during the Spring semester when you may be interviewing for Summer internships or potential jobs after graduation. You may not think employers will look at your Facebook, but they do and it actually may be the deciding factor of whether or not you get the job! We did a little research and found some very helpful tips that are easy to do and will pretty much guarantee your employer won’t find those crazy pictures from Spring Break of freshman year.

The first tip every future employee should know is to go through your profile pictures and delete inappropriate pictures that may leave a bad impression. Let’s face it… If the very first thing an employer sees on your profile is you and your friends on top of a bar, there is a good chance you will not be receiving a call back for a second interview. Another important tip that is vital to know is to change your profile picture to a more professional and conservative one. One aspect of Facebook that is new to some are cover photos if your page has switched to Timeline. Don’t forget those are made public and can’t be hidden, so choose one that is appropriate. This brings us to our next helpful hint, do not be overly negative in status updates or personal information. Future employers do not want to see that you are bad-mouthing your last boss or telling everyone how much of a jerk your ex-boyfriend is. So simply delete these from your page in order to maintain a happy and upbeat impression for your interview! For more great tips you can visit… http://www.hercampus.com/career/how-clean-your-facebook-you-apply-job-or-internship
Also, here’s an article about Facebook Faux Pas that College Students Make… http://www.onlinecollege.org/2010/07/19/25-common-facebook-faux-pas-that-college-students-make/

If you use your social media for multiple purposes such as personal AND career driven, then you have endless possibilities. There is power in connections and networking has been seen as one of the best ways to further one’s career. Its all in who you know! Social media sites allow you to make lists, groups, circles, etc. and contact the people within these groups with little to no effort. The following article discusses 9 great ways that students can use social media to boost their career, take a look… http://mashable.com/2012/02/10/students-job-search-social-media/.

Well that concludes our blog today, I hope you enjoyed learning about social media and the positives it can have on a career and how to avoid the negatives. Next time we will be introducing and giving a tour of Bellarmine University Career Development and letting you know who to contact for potential internships and job opportunities. Thanks so much for reading!